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      1. NEWS


        Toray is chosen as supplier of the reverse osmosis membranes for a large Cellulose project in Brazil


        Japanese membrane manufacturer Toray announces that has been chosen by Veolia Water Technologies Brazil to supply 1,080 reverse osmosis membranes, ROMEMBRA for the expansion of one of the largest industrial water treatment plants in Brazil. The reverse osmosis system has an installed capacity of 828 m3/h, producing 690 m3/h of demineralized water to feed the high pressure boilers of the Fibria factory located in Três Lagoas - MS. For this project the membrane selected by Toray was low fouling TML20D-400, which combines excellent anti-fouling properties and high salt rejection, which was ?the ?key for Toray to be selected. The delivery of the reverse osmosis membranes for this project are scheduled to 2016, with commissioning taking place in 2017.